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3848Re: Canadian gigs in April

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  • Tange
    Apr 1, 2005
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      Bartender, I know it's out topic but did you hear "Feinstein"? Catdeli
      loves it, Glabrek too...and honestly I begin to have some doubts about
      my own music tastes. I like some of the Velvet Revolver's songs and
      Tony hates that band. Another guy on ICQ hates VR. I've never listen
      to Guns N Roses, Stone Temple Pilot either: but some of the VR's songs
      that I've heard kick ass............a lot more than "Feinstein".

      I'm sure Wipy is going to post that "### Velvet Revolver!! POSERS!!
      ###". The fact is that the people that don't like them always say "I
      don't like Axl". Even they went very commercial, I always thought that
      they had a good guitarist and a good drummer. It's Hard Rock but at
      least: "The song doesn't remain another one".

      Recently Lips posted on the Addicts that since 10 years he didn't
      listen to a CD that he really like. I like VR's album and I think it's
      good music. I don't give a damn if S.W is a junkie or Slash always
      drunk. It's about music not biographies.


      --- In academyofanvil@yahoogroups.com, "bartender678"
      <bartender678@y...> wrote:
      > I'll be there and I will take some pictures!!!!!!!!!!!
      > I'll send them to you if you can't make it
      > I will send them to Tony so he can put it on the site!!!
      > \m/\m/
      > ATL
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