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3797Re: Lipps on "suggestions"

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  • zygons_rule
    Feb 13, 2005
      > At this point I'm so entirely fed up
      > with opinions. I go balistic when someone says to me "you know
      > you should do?" I just answer them by saying "you know what you
      > do"?

      Refreshingly honest and to the point. Awesome. :) This is one
      of the problems with being a fan of something... fans get close to
      the art, the product, and/or the people they are a fan of. It's a
      part of their daily lives...and when that happens they get to
      *think* they have some very good ideas about what that
      art/product/person/band should be, and how it could be better (for
      them...if this is known or not). I can see how it can become
      annoying. Personally I try and stay away from telling the band or
      author "how to fix" their product.... frankly because I don't want
      to look like a dick! :) I'm a fan of stuff *for a reason*, and not
      because I can tell them how to do things better. Naturally we ALL
      have opinions, but to a certain degree they should be kept to
      themselves. ON THE OTHER HAND... this list is an open forum for
      discussing all things Anvil related, and "how to improve" kind of
      falls into that catagory. We all want the best for the band...some
      just get a bit carried away. :) Heck *I* have ideas (nothing music
      related as that's not my field...I just appriciate the songs you do
      that I love)... but I would find it odd or hard to just come up and
      say..."Hey Lips...you know what could work?".

      But that's just my feelings on the matter. End result...they mean
      well. Even Mad Dog. :)

      >I know for a fact people like to hear what they know, and the
      > less you play of what they know the worse you go over. In fact
      > we do play that song , it gets one of the biggest responces, even
      > more so than Forged in Fire.

      My reply to that is.... DUH! OF COURSE the BIG *fans* want to
      hear the little songs, the sleeper hits, and the ones that don't get
      that much play. But in REALITY the casual fan or the dudes there
      to see a show want to hear the "hits" the ones they recognize, and
      the ones they can "partake in". If it's all obscure stuff, or all
      new stuff the audience won't feel like part of the show, and
      therefore it would be harder to make the show work. That said, it's
      nice to see things change up once in a while if you've gone to
      multiple shows in a row.

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