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3769this is thirteen

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  • xcygnusxyyzx
    Feb 2, 2005
      Lets hope that this isnt the intended title of the next album. Or
      better yet, lets hope there isnt a song called THIS IS THIRTEEN,
      Still going Strong was full of Silly Cliche stuff. Noone wants to
      listen to songs where the lyrics are that Generic and cheesy. I
      really dont understand that album(still going strong) Back to basic
      s is average. There is no need to give it a commercial sound, that
      Idea was Null and Void in the 80s why would people suddenly say Oh
      yeah now? or a track thats obviously from British Steel, please im
      Just a Killer album like Speed of Sound. No need to fuck the
      formula. I want stuff like Absolutely No alternative. Or Plugged in
      Maybe its that time of the month or something, but I will speak how
      I feel from now on.

      I really Think that Anvil should have released a 3 song mini ep. for
      Screaming Ferrit called Back to Basics. Same album cover.
      With tracks going as follows
      The Chainsaw(intro only Just the evil guitar crunch)then instead of
      Fast Driver(with creapy intro)
      Cruel world
      Bottom Feeder
      plus wacken dvd.
      sound good???????