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3767Music of the Past

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  • anvilips2000
    Feb 1, 2005
      Quite honestly most if not everyone suffers from this disorder, only
      music that you know from the past is considered good enough to become
      classic. Too bad for the aging music lover!!! I don't expect people
      to look at Anvil any different than any other band that's been around
      for a long time. Some of us aging rockers have still got enough of an
      open mind to let some new influences in, and I must admit that I'm
      not to keen on anything new and generally speaking I hate listening
      to music I'm not familiar with. Even if I know the bands history!!
      When people say to me that our old stuff is best, I understand their
      opinion, and probably agree. The real truth can only be found in
      years from now when all this music is old and it will all be
      considered classic. I've lived long enough to hear it about the 80's,
      it usually takes 20 years to come to light... the death of its
      creator usually quickens the pace!!! we don't want that do we?
      Yes the new cd will have a title track, which most of it has been
      written. The song itself is very obviously Anvil in a Forged in Fire
      style of song. The rest of the stuff follows a much more self
      focussed Anvil, no real transparent influences like BTB. We have a
      song called Game Over, that is very jazzy speed metal, meaning that
      there is actual jazz influence, particularly in the bass guitar and
      drum section of the song. Lyrically it compares life to a video
      game..............I wouldn't get too antzy for a new cd it will be
      quite sometime before it will come out...maybe another year from now
      if all goes ok..........
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