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3720Re: I took a resolutions for 2005 (that I won't keep...)

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  • wipy1999
    Jan 3, 2005
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      Tange and We also can not do nothing about the Problems with Marxist
      Rebels in Colombia.--- In academyofanvil@yahoogroups.com, Zazzoo
      <zazzoo@v...> wrote:
      > I can't do anything about the Iraq war and the disaster in
      > But, maybe I can try to start to ameliorate myself in 2005.
      > Well, yeah...I decided to stop to swear for the year 2005. In
      > it's usual to swear even for a woman but here....it sounds
      > (I've been told by Catdeli). I'm not used to say "fuck" or "fuckin"
      > my spoken English yet and I feel very uncomfortable to introduce
      > words when I'm angry. I decided to not swear at all...only if I'm
      > and in a certain period of the month. You don't have any idea of
      all the
      > swears that exist in French Canadian. How wise I become, ha?
      > I'm trying to stop being negative. I'm so anxious sometimes that
      > something nice happens, I wonder what kind of shit is going to
      > Most of the time it's like that: we have a very nice period of time
      > then suddenly, everything sucks. I'll work on it, but I don't
      > anything.
      > I lost 15 pounds and I want to keep on eating heating. I'm going to
      > continue to feed Deli, he looks better with a couple pounds :) In
      > USA, it's so easy to gain weight. The local restaurants serve good
      > but it's the big franchises that feed most of the people and
      > their food is very "high fat".
      > Who has a resolutions? No? Please, find one...How can you become a
      > better dude?
      > Tange
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