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3698Merry Christmas to all the Anvil fans

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  • anvilips2000
    Dec 24, 2004
      Hi everyone, another Xmas eve, oh what a night!!!! I've been looking
      after my brothers dog Co Co, she's a miniture Shnauzer and she ran
      away this evening!!! I finally caught up to the dog running up the
      street and trying to get away from me. It wasn't until a passing car
      saw me chasing the dog and captured her. The dog was wearing a collar
      with my brothers phone number on it, and luckily on his answering
      machine it gave my cell number. I had given up! I ran til I almost
      collapst on the sidewalk. When my phone rang I thought it was my
      brother calling me from Florida, but it was a lady telling me to look
      across the street at a car stopped there and I would see her with Co
      Co in the car. I really must say that good will toward your fellow
      human being is the best way to describe what I experienced and it is
      a truely fantastic moment when you realize that there really is hope
      for the world when people extend themselves for strangers. This is a
      true heart warming story for my Christmas of 2004, may you all have
      the best holiday possible......LIPS
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