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3672Still Alive just stuck in Bahia Blanca Argentina...then Chile.

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  • wipy1999
    Dec 6, 2004
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      Hi Tange,Lips and others... Been traveling... Was in brazil recently
      for a week.... WOAAHHHHHHH Sao Paulo Rules... Lot of Anvil fans in
      Sao Paulo.... I mean Sao Just Rocks...This was like my 4th time to
      Brazil.... The scene in Brazil is one of the best in the world.....
      When the Hell will Anvil play Brazil????? I think in Latin American
      countries the most places that you can find Anvil Cds are in
      Brazil,Argentina and Mexico. Hey Lips I still never read that
      interview of You in that Mexican Metal Fanzine from Tampico
      Mexico.... I think it is called Metal Command but is in Spanish.....
      Yes Everyone I am now in Bahia Blanca Argentina.... Lips would just
      love Argentina cause it is so HEAVY METAL TRADITIONAL CLASSICAL....
      Get My Words Guys and Gals??????? Great Bands here are the great
      Defunct V8... Other Great Bands Alma
      Fuerte,Hermetica,Logos,Jeriko,OConnor,Tren Loco and others... Why
      Anvil has never toured Mexico or South America.... Sorry Anvil does
      not contact people there:::: Lips start promoting Anvil there and
      tour there in 2005 PLEASE Brazil And Argentina and Chile too and
      maybe Peru... But A show in Lima Peru You will probably not get too
      much people thanks to stupid cheap promoters and drunks in the scene
      thaqt rather drink outside of the concert then pay 3 to 5 bucks to
      get in.. Got to go RUMOURS::::: EXCITER 2005 Tour brought to You by
      Tumba Records Yes South America tour in Brazil mainly... PS Also
      Sodom-Nuclear Assault Tour to South america in Early 2005... ATTACK