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  • tgalloca
    Nov 24, 2004
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      I sent a copy to Lips to find out what it was. Here is what he said:

      "That is a recording of a gig at Fisherville Junior High School in
      1973 or 74, I have most of that gig on tape. The song is called A
      Dreams End, this band was me Robb, Gary Greenblatt (bass guitar)who I
      still see quite often and in fact saw him last week because he is the
      amplifier repair guy at Steve's Music, my amp needed tubes. I gave him
      back to basics, he was glad to hear we aren't speed metaled out and
      loved the rock aspect of the cd. Also the singer on this song was Les
      Brown, although he wasn't great he did have a certain style of his
      own. I had writen the lyrics and song previously to Les singing it. It
      was originally recorded on 2 track reel to reel by this guy that I've
      been trying to get a hold of for years. The version that he has the
      singer was Ashley Jarnicki who was the very same Ashley that our first
      album was dedicated to as he died in a car crash. Previous to this
      singer I actually was singing! but unfortunatley there are no existing
      recordings of that period."

      "The recording you have was recorded on a SONY cassette console type
      machine. The guy who recorded it was Danny Brown who is a drum repair
      man for Just Drums here in Toronto. There was about 25 people in the
      audience...I think I may even have photo's but what is really cool is
      that the song Left Behind was one of the songs we did in those days
      and Anvil ended up using it. You also might find this a point of
      interest, the front part of the song A Dreams End , the guitar is
      being played with a chello bow...Jimmy Page influenced although it
      doesn't sound the same as Page but never the less that is what makes
      that weird sort of swelling sound to the chords being bowed not
      picked. I hadn't gotten down the use of the vibrator yet !!!!! In that
      recording I hear Richie Blackmore more than anything else. I was
      trying to capture the kind of soloing in the song Bloodsucker by Deep
      Purple. I used a Fender Telecaster with a Gibson pic up in the middle
      possition. I wish I still had that guitar, I got it for my Bar
      Mitzvah, and sold it to buy my red Gibson ES335, which I still have,
      and recorded with on Back to Basics."
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