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  • anvilips2000
    Oct 5 6:40 PM
      Hi gang, there might be a tour of Europe starting in late January,
      the bands we are supposed to do it with are Agent Steel,Hirax and
      Infernal Majesty. We also may do a Canadian eastern tour with I HATE
      SALLY and Bob Reid's band who is the singer of Razor. There will be a
      gig on November 4th in Hamilton at the Underground, November 13th at
      The Embassy in London(Ont), and December 4th in Oshawa at the
      Dungeon. Other dates we haven't got confirmation are Nov 17
      Fredricton, Nov18 Moncton Nov 19 New Glasgow and Nov 20 Halifax. We
      now have 9 new songs all titled simply 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 and 9..I still
      must write at least another 9 before I will feel comfortable with
      picking favourites. Ther are some truely great songs in this next
      bunch and they are not like BTB. There is only one sort of sound
      alike but it's only in it's spirit....Robin Trower--Frank Marino--
      Hendrix--Pat Travers style of song. Everythig else is from who the
      hell knows where but it's rock and roll mixed with metallic
      intensity. Song 4 is all out speed but with a winged assasins sort of
      overtone but sounding more like Rush doing it!!! I still have a long
      way to go and who knows what will come next.........life is full of
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