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  • xcygnusxyyzx
    Sep 29, 2004
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      hey yall im going to the expos game tonight. Im gonna be wearing my
      anvil shirt and a red sox hat. Maybe Ill get on tv if so Ill give a
      shoutout. Any comments on the new album folks?
      Bottom Feeder is friggen amazing. One of the best anvil songs of all
      time imo. Hey Tony will you be going to the show at heads or tails on
      the 29th? I just got the new Dio album and I think its a let down so
      far. I havnt seen many shows this year just ANVIL , BUDGIE+RAVEN(the
      mad dog and I both went to this show in virginia, RAVEN , Nasty
      Savage, NEKTAR, STRAWBS. Im gonna be seeing kings x in a couple weeks
      and dio this saturday. Well toodles. see you all at HEADS or TAILS if
      not ... YOU SUCK!!!!
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