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3491Re: What is the XML? Someone.....

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  • Elaine
    May 31, 2004
      I know! Slugguit sent me a url where I can have a book about it. I
      didn't have time to check if it was in French. I know that Tony
      explained the whole thing perfectly, but it's all about language
      again. The technical terms in English for me, it's pretty hard to
      get. I'm not at this level of language, yet...

      I can't surf a lot because I have a pet now :0).I think that I had
      the blues, lol...When I saw all my family quit the day after the
      wedding, I just realised that I wasn't canadian anymore and that I
      was far from all that I knew. Now I have a kitten that probably got
      the bipolar disease, because he sleeps or he destroys the whole
      house. The computer's wires are his favorite place to "play" and I'm
      so afraid that he gets an electric shock... that I don't use my
      computer!) To add to that, we have a "mysterious" problem with the
      cable modem that the Time Warner's technician don't understand, we
      wait for the wireless DSL...At the fall, I will look more at that
      XML. Merlin will be calm......castrated without any claw and the
      connection stable. Here, the weather is so "summer" if I compare to
      QC...I'm always outside.

      At the end of the summer I'm supposed to begin to give French
      courses. It's not sure. My friends from Quebec come here on
      August...to see "RUSH" obviously in Saratoga (Holy Mary protect me
      please, no migraine!). I won't have any choice to go. Sorry for Rush
      fans, but I can't stand their lasers and lights.

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