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  • thehelion
    May 13, 2004
      Tange, I think that the only way Ian is going to see the DVD is if
      someone tells him about it. He's not a computer guy so he's not even
      sure when Anvil releases new product. I try and give him a copy of
      anything that I get my hands on so I'll get him one once I get some
      with the DVDs. I'm not sure if he feels any regrets or hard feelings
      towards the band, it's just a part of his past that he fully enjoyed.
      At least that's what he's told me. I know he likes to come out to the
      gigs every now and then and it has to bring back memories when he
      hears the old songs. I know that he thinks very highly of the talent
      level of the band as we know it.
      --- In academyofanvil@yahoogroups.com, "elaine" <tangelaine2000@y...>
      > I wonder if Ian Dickson has seen the DVD? He must feel nostalgic
      > sometimes when he sees LIPS and Robb still on a stage and kicking
      > ass. Does he feel bitter to see that Anvil got a REAL guitarist
      > instead of Allison?? It's too bad that he can't write to tell...I
      > wonder how he feels about G5. He's maybe doing another kind of art
      > now, but he stayed with Anvil from the start until 1995! It's not
      > because he didn't like the band...and music. He had his style,
      > different from Glen but excellent too. I prefer the "rolling" that
      > G5's style got, his style is more agressive. That kind of music
      > that.
      > I don't know if Ian is going to see the DVD, but if he does he will
      > certainly have some emotions. I think a musician stays a musicians
      > all life long. Whatever he does now, I'm sure that he still plays
      > bass with some friends "for fun". He gave great shows and it's sad
      > that we never hear of him. Why didn't he make a "LIPS" with one of
      > his model. A 80's LIPS with the dog thing at the neck, lol!!
      > Tange :)
      > P.S. Would be cool that you post something LIPS, cos I've lost all
      > your datas on the Anvil Metal Pounders. Can I have an update?
      > Did you see the DVD, finally?
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