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3466Re: [Academy of Anvil] update on Brave Words

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  • elaine
    May 12, 2004
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      I wonder if Ian Dickson has seen the DVD? He must feel nostalgic
      sometimes when he sees LIPS and Robb still on a stage and kicking
      ass. Does he feel bitter to see that Anvil got a REAL guitarist now,
      instead of Allison?? It's too bad that he can't write to tell...I
      wonder how he feels about G5. He's maybe doing another kind of art
      now, but he stayed with Anvil from the start until 1995! It's not
      because he didn't like the band...and music. He had his style,
      different from Glen but excellent too. I prefer the "rolling" that
      G5's style got, his style is more agressive. That kind of music needs

      I don't know if Ian is going to see the DVD, but if he does he will
      certainly have some emotions. I think a musician stays a musicians
      all life long. Whatever he does now, I'm sure that he still plays
      bass with some friends "for fun". He gave great shows and it's sad
      that we never hear of him. Why didn't he make a "LIPS" with one of
      his model. A 80's LIPS with the dog thing at the neck, lol!!

      Tange :)

      P.S. Would be cool that you post something LIPS, cos I've lost all
      your datas on the Anvil Metal Pounders. Can I have an update? Thanks.
      Did you see the DVD, finally?
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