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3442Re: is rockgoddess and girlschool same lead singer?

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  • tangelaine2000
    May 2, 2004
      Cat just remembered at the moment that Rock Goddess was fronted by
      the Turner sisters.

      About Girlschool, I went on their site and I've been very pleased to
      hear the mp3 samples. Believe it or not, they have returned to "The
      Basics". The first sample called "Passion" sucks, but "Believe" is a
      throwback to the 80's, it sounds great! "Coming your way" too...But,
      this song is more like on the "Screaming Blue Murder" album and my
      favorite is "Hit and Run". Kim McAuliffe sings on "Mad sister" and it
      sounds like the stuff they did before they have joined
      Motorhead. "Innocent" is still like 80's stuff but with a lot
      of "Lemmy" in it. It sounds a bit like "Come on let's go".

      They have a new guitarist named Jackie Chambers instead of Kelly
      Johnson. But, honestly I found that the guitar was sounding better. I
      saw them once live with Deep Purple in 1985 and I was astonished by
      the power of these women. They don't look sexy, but they rock on
      stage! Kim was a bit chubby, but it didn't seem like it was bothering
      her. Performance should be a priority in rock for all female
      performers, but in the 80's we had more "playmates" than real rockers
      like Girlschool.


      Tange :)
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