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  • catdeli
    May 1, 2004
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      I sing pretty well...when I can pronounce the lyrics, K? I'm sure the
      DVD plays on a cheap DVD player if the PAL option is available.

      Do you know what Trojan is? Not the condoms!! Trojan Horse "the
      killer virus", Jeez! I had this virus and I've been connected on
      Internet only 12 hours. The computer is at the hospital now. It's
      horrible this virus! I had an alert, I chose "heal", but I wasn't
      protected against "Trojan". It hits each program you open, after
      Explorer, Acrobat Reader and Outlook Express...I decided to shut it
      down and kick out my chair, darn! I was in rage, and I gestured like
      Bruce Lee: "How's that Tabarnac!" "What's the matter, Viarge!!".
      Anyway, I'll pay the technician 120$ and get Norton antivirus. It's
      warm here, 82 F on May First well...I've never seen that in Quebec
      City. It's the right time to work outside, ha?

      Tony will be glad to know that I won't be able to download any mp3. I
      have a router and they put a firewall in the cable modem :(

      Lips, I'm sure the DVD it's great and it's got to sound "live". I
      shut down the computer it's really too hot here, I'm not used to.

      Tange :)
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