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  • tangelaine2000
    Apr 23, 2004
      > I'm sure that some cover bands butchered the JP songs back then.
      > It's not everyone who can sing Halford (or Dio for example) tunes
      > right way. But a cover band like Headbangers in Quebec City does
      > Priest stuff really well, as they do for the Sabbath, Dio, Maiden,
      > Metal Church, Metallica, Megadeth...Very good musicians.
      Headbangers? Where were they? I've never heard of them when I was in
      QC City. I guess that they were playing "on your side of the river".

      Some cover bands were "criminal" with the original songs. At the "Bar
      Ô Coin" the bands slept over the bar and ate beside the bar. The
      owner was a MF and because of this, they were paid at a very low
      salary. This bar was so old and so small, but always full. 2/1 on the
      big beers on Tuesday! We were able to see all the electric wires over
      our heads and the emergency exit was always blocked by the amplifiers.

      Old table, old chair...It was called "Le Brumeau" in the 70's and has
      been the first bar with dancers (panties & covered nipples). I was on
      my day shift once and the owner asked me if I knew Anvil (1984). I
      answered: "Nooo....who are they?". "A big metal from Toronto, it will
      be full here and I could sell tickets at a high price!" I was looking
      around me and I answered:"They suck! I heard of them and they're not
      good at all..." I didn't want to see Anvil playing in that porchery,
      and it was a place for cover bands!!! @_@ Anvil here? Over my dead

      I've seen them a month later in Bar L'aurée at St-Augustin. A place
      where it was possible to breath. My dear ex-MF-boss sold the whole
      piece of land for a very big amount and now there's stores at this
      place (Hamel blvd.). I was making 130$ of tips everynight + my
      salary...that why I was working there.

      I'm not a big CD's customer (I'm not but Catdeli is...) and I liked
      to download a song just to compare some styles. I'll be frank, I've
      never listen to Pantera except when "Cat scratch fever" played on
      98.1 FM. Helloween, I've heard of them when Tony posted a part of
      their lyrics that were a simple copy of "Shadow zone" from FiF. If
      you tell me that it's more like Helloween, I belive you.

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