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  • tangelaine2000
    Mar 2, 2004
      Time goes by, man? It really doesn't matter the "time" with you! You
      still have the same enthusiam for BTB that your first albums. You
      stay the same and I think we don't want you to change. An album can
      be a bit "different", but please...stay like you are.

      Happy Birthday "Pieces" and like I'm the only "garl" on this board:
      You're cuter than ever. I'm sure your wife told you before, but it
      never hurts to hear it again. Keep on rockin LIPS!!!... and have a
      wonderful day!

      Here's my gift (Your futur...translated!): Cyber Mah Jong

      March 2nd to April 2nd:

      You must advance your ideas and defend your ambitions. Your actions
      will be rewarded and success will come. It is the moment to undertake
      things by yourself. You have the wind in poop, are active and
      dynamic. You meet people who accept you without supporting you nor to
      obstruct you. Count on you, that will go.
      April 3rd to May 3nd:

      Your work are crowned success. You see your rewarded efforts. Your
      qualities are recognized by your entourage. You obtain an unexpected
      appointment which will carry you chance. You make a pleasant meeting.
      May 4th to June 4th:

      You will have to adapt yourself to the circumstances. You won't be
      able to only impose your will. You will need to seek supports and
      partners. Your projects know certain delays, you will have to carry
      out adaptations. Your love life is very dependent on the other,
      remain open and flexible.

      Big HUG!

      Tange xox
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