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3282Re: Mad Dog Colin Brown has changed his mind!!!

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  • wipy1999
    Feb 24, 2004
      Why Anvil will not play in South America because Lips does not
      contact any promters in SA the same with Exciter. Hey Lips Tell Colin
      Maybe I will call him up tommorrow. I know Colin must be older then
      Me and He is like the Macabre guys still living with the folks. Yeh
      Me And My Lady and Baby will move back to live with my parents in
      Chicago later this year. Hey One last question:::: ANY FANS OUT THERE
      WHO LIKE KRAKEN FROM MEDELLIN,Colombia???????????--- In
      academyofanvil@yahoogroups.com, "tangelaine2000"
      <tangelaine2000@y...> wrote:
      > I begin to be really curious about this album, man…I've never seen
      > you worry about "if people is going to like it". You're a musician
      > and I've read what Robb told to Popoff: it's sure that's it's going
      > to be excellent!
      > But an excellent album is not always "approved" by that funny
      > in the magazines and in the radio stations. They play what is easy
      > instead what is "different". They don't want to lose their stupid
      > listeners that read some magazine with Vince Neil, Sebastian Back's
      > articles in…They are not about "music", they're about image and
      > glamour. The best example is Forged in Fire…..you told us how it
      > been received in 1983. Look now how people talk about it. I've
      > heard Jethro Tull, King Crimson or Triumvirat best tunes on a FM
      > radio.
      > I don't see Anvil like "Motley Crue". You were margins, you are
      > margins and I hope you'll stay margins. But, THE DAY that I will
      > that album (BTB), I will try to figure out which songs could be a
      > on radio. Sincerely, I hope that I will find any. The ones that are
      > going to tell really their mind about the CD are not your friends,
      > and it's normal. I am a fan but I wouldn't want to judge or
      > to "review" a CD from musicians like you. Who am I? I wouldn't want
      > to hurt your pride, either. The ones that really tells their mind
      > the reviewers, unhappily. It doesn't mean they're right, but they
      > have the destiny of all Cds in their hands. I like or I dislike,
      > a customer. To set a mp3 that people could hear would help when the
      > CD is going to be released, because a lot of people listen to the
      > radio on the WEB! Massacre's samples don't sound good, and if the
      > sound is a + in BTB...a bad sample can introduces it badly.
      > I'm going to remove Anvil from the overhear.com, because I deeply
      > wish that you will play in Europe or somewhere else (South America
      > LOL) than Toronto.
      > :*)
      > Tange
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