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3264Re: [Academy of Anvil] Back To Basics.....Hmmm

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    Feb 15, 2004
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      It's so nice to read your opinion...because I don't like Speed Metal. I tried, but an hour a week is the most that I can take.

      You're absolutely right about the fact that the Anvil's fans got their own preferences about the albums. I like songs that are not really "recognized" by some fans. "Concrete Jungle" is one of them. A song that can makes me imagine a situation even I don't understand a word (in 1988 I didn't speak a word in English) is going to please me.

      "Concrete Jungle" would be a perfect song to introduce a police TV series (like NYPD Blue). When the music inspires images or situations in my mind, I think it's a very good song. With Speed Metal, I don't even have the time to get some "thoughts". Maybe a year ago, I've read Concrete Jungle's lyrics on Tony's site and the lyrics were fitting with what the music inspired in me. Great...If there's a lot of melodies, for sure I will love this CD!

      The reviewers are going to fall on their asses! I can't wait to hear BTB and to read the stupids things that those "experts" are going to write about it!.

      Tange :^)

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