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3262Back To Basics.....Hmmm

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  • thehelion
    Feb 15, 2004
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      Ok. I heard the new cd last night for about 3 or 4 times. I have to
      say that the sound is fine but it's also a sound that might not be
      for everyone. If Speed of Sound, Plugged and Absolutely are your
      faves then this might not satisfy you. This cd has power but not
      necessarily the speed. This is exactly what the band was trying to
      set out to accomplish on this cd, 80s feel. If you like bands like
      Priest, Motorhead and other powerful bands then this will be a great
      cd for you. I love it. "Bottom Feeder" is probably my fave though.
      The other thing that I noticed with this cd is that there isn't any
      one or two songs that stand out as better than the rest like SGS.
      With SGS you had "Still Going Strong" and "Race Against Time" really
      standing ahead of the rest but you won't find that on this cd. You
      have to also remember that with Anvil being around for so long now
      they also have fans that like different points in the bands career.
      Some of the Anvil fans I'm sure hate Metal on Metal while others
      might not like the "speed" era too much. What I love about this cd is
      that the band did what they wanted to do and did it properly. "Back
      to Basics" is the perfect title for it. Good Job Boys. Nice photos
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