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  • wipy1999
    Dec 3, 2003
      Hi Wipy here in Lima Peru... Ok Man So We All know Anvil is the most
      famous in Latin Countries in Brazil... I have recently saw the Last
      Anvil cd here in Lima Peru.... I wonder how famous Anvil is
      Venezuela. Why Anvil never played any shows in South america or even
      Mexico is a mystery to Me. Here In South america there is a lot of
      different bands. Take an example of Paraguay some great Metal bands
      are Steel Rose,Necropsia,Wisdom,Funeral,Slow agony and
      others....Everywhere there is a scene in South America except in
      Suriname and The Guyanas...... Well Guyana had the Jun Jones
      Killings... Ha. Hey anyone remember that great metal band from
      Michigan in the 80s from Grand Rapids Jim Jones and The Kool Aid
      Kids..?????? Ok Back To SA.... I wish more people would post on this
      Anvil board on SA bands. Do people not know of Kraken from
      Colombia???? The first Two Kraken Cds are great.. Now The band
      sucks... What about in brazil Dorsal atlantica and RDP????? In
      Venezuela there is Gilman,Krueger,Arkangel,Morbus,Penumbra
      Leal,Asmodeus,Stratuz and others.... I am not a fan of Monstrosity or
      Acheron but those two bands recntly in the last few years played
      Venezuela.... Ok Man I am out of here. are Man Spoony knew about most
      of thse bands... Hey Remember Psychic Posseser from Brazil??? Later
      On Ya All,,,WIPY...