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312Re: Oshawa gig

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  • rjbaked
    Apr 1, 2001
      The Oshawa gig was great.My buddy was one of the
      bouncers there that night and he told me Lips was actually
      feeling quite sick,sore throat,etc.,but you never would
      have known.They rocked the joint.Nitemare and Evirus
      are both very capable bands with alot of
      potential.The drummer from Evirus was deadly man.Highlights for
      me were definitly March of the Crabs and Old
      School.Awesome job guys.And I love that new Computer Drone.I
      hope you really didn't trash the PC Lips.We love to
      hear from you.As usual,Robb made every drummer in
      Durham Region check the drum sticks in at the
      door,Absolutely incredible job man.The only disappointments for
      me was there was no encores thanks to Jimmy the
      newfie running the dump,and no dildo solo from Lips.The
      last time in Oshawa at the Genosh,(ooooo),the dildo
      solo was amazing and blew us all away.Hope to see you
      guys out this way again soon.Great job guys.<br>Rick
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