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  • Heavymetalhead.com
    Oct 4, 2003
      <<<Subject: Shenker: NOT SHENKAR, big head...He's: NOT HES, small ass... Didn't: NOT DIDNT, genius... Return to school instead to laugh at people that spells badly.>>>

      You're all fucked. It's SCHENKER. Get it right!! :P :P

      <<<Look at yourself: are you so perfect??? FYMSF>>>

      Fix My Mother Some Food?
      Flying Yellow Monkeys Soaring Frantically?
      Fuck You Man, Seriously, Forever?

      Sorry Tange, I just couldn't resist!!

      Danvil, just LTFU already, sheesh :P :P. We can't all English speak like good you!!

      Lips, can you answer a question for me (if by change you're reading this and haven't given up): A few months back we all talked about the Metal For Breakfast compilation you played a part in when it was released, did you have any involvement with the followup compilation Metal For Lunch? Just curious, is all. I never woulda thought Attic was such a bunch of unscrupulous bastards.

      Tony, how come no Guestbook on the Anvil homepage? Maybe I blinked and missed it? You should have one ~ it's a great way to keep contact of fans. Email addresses are wonderful things sometimes and you could use them by Inviting them to join here.

      The artwork looks kick ass for Back To Basics!!!! Anxiously awaiting a new Anvil opus.....

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