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2887tgalloca will say hi to lips for me he knows me

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  • Lori
    Sep 1, 2003
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      hi tgalloca,
      tell me what you think my new drawing in photo section
      i hope all you like
      i hope lips can get me into phx az show when he comes to
      town he did mention he wanted to hangout when got to phx
      hes great friend to have he whales on guitar
      i'll give him my phone number for when in town so he wants to do
      something with me good friend Lori
      tgalloca i can give it to you give to him ive been friends with him
      since 2001 we never lost touch he must be too busy anwer his emial
      so i will give my phone number to you tgalloca hand over to him
      to have gets to phx az /i can't wait for first anvil concert
      i like him like big brother type