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  • xcygnusxyyzx
    Aug 26, 2003
      Hey folks Im in Perth Right now and have been for a week now,
      I almost drove to Toronto last thursday for the Anvil show
      I was gonna pick up the mad dog at his house and cruise on over
      to the show and hang with the boys and afterwards stay with the mad
      dog at his house. But that fell through because I was sooo tired, and
      I had to make the trip alone because Aaron (long time anvil devotee
      and promoter of perth metal meltdown I and II) This is the guy that
      FILMS all of Tony Gallos bootlegs. hahah seriously he is.
      But anyway the guys back gives out on him so I have to go alone, I
      decide not to go because ive flung myself into the Canadian
      Wilderness VOID one to many times for anvil hahahaha.
      But I am happy to say that I will be attending This Fridays Anvil show
      Regardless, because I do regret missing the thursday show.
      Its funny how I was mentioned in a PERTH news paper as a teenager
      from boston who drove all the way from Boston to see anvil perform.
      I bet youd like to get your greedy little hands on that one tony!!: )
      Anyhow I took a whole shitload of pictures of the perth metal
      meltdown with a DISPOSABLE CAMERA and all of the pics came out like
      shit. Except two
      an amazing picture of lips on guitar and a picture of ROBB TYLER G5
      IVAN and I all standing on the balcony.
      As soon as I scan these im gonna send em to Tony for the website.
      As for the audio interview with Lips
      im going to edit that so it just has My questions to lips and his
      replies and maybe the occasional backround banter from the mad dog.
      On the video for that show in Perth if any of you get it, im on it a
      lot and Lips thanks me for showing up and mentions how long It took
      me to drive up and they play Paper General for me!!!!!!!! WHOOHOO
      Lips and the gang better thank me on thier next album hahaha.
      See all you canadian fools at the show this friday.
      Take care

      ps.Tony youll never see the perth metal meltdown tape as long as I
      unless you quit being a stingy bastard
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