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2872Re: My Anthrax show

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  • Jimmy Crackcorn
    Aug 25, 2003
      --- In academyofanvil@yahoogroups.com, "Jimmy Crackcorn"
      <jcrackcorn2003@h...> wrote:
      > >Wow, Tange, I was at that same show! I would have looked for you.

      Come on Deli!

      > I think if Tange was as big a fan of Anthrax as I was, she would
      > have enjoyed the show more. The sound was very loud (YAY!) and it
      >is easy to be bored by songs you don't recognize.

      First, Tange has alreadly said she was not a fan of Anthrax. Second,
      you watched the show with your earplugs too! And finally, I've never
      listened to a band's CDs a week before to be sure to recognize the
      song :0)

      > Maybe the mix was a bit dull where you were standing,
      > Tange because he was playing some wild parts.

      So "wild" (weird) that I got confused!

      > Show openers Lacuna Coil, I had never heard of before last
      > They struck me as a bit of the style of another band that is
      > popularity now, Evanescence. Very polished and together with a male
      > and female vocalist but their songs tended to be a bit of the same
      > thing after a while.

      The sound was very GOOD(YAY!) and "it is easy to be bored by songs
      you don't recognize." Hehehe...

      The main reason why I'm not an Anthrax fan: Trauma. I've been 4 years
      waiting and searching for the album that would follow "Forged in
      Fire". I shopped in every stores to find some Anvil's stuff. And, on
      who I was falling all the time?? 1984-85-86-87...Anthrax, and the
      Anvil tab was empty. An old frustration, that's all.

      √Člaine ;)
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