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  • catdeli
    Jul 13, 2003
      Hey Guillaume, great post! I bought that "One Night In The Jungle"
      also. I was disappointed because of the melodic, non-Rods style. I
      think he should have stuck to the hard rockin because it certainly
      did not sell more copies by trying to be commercial. Well, I filed it
      on my shelf but maybe I will get it out and try again. If I had to
      pick just one, I think my favorite RODS album was either the 1st or
      Let Them Eat Metal. I spent many nights playing drums along with that
      one(LTEM). Where do they have samples of the new stuff?
      And also Yes Yes Yes Dio's Angry Machines: NO NO NO!!! Ha! Boy, I
      thought that one blew big time. I saw that tour but I went to see
      Motorhead open and I left early during Dio's set,,guitarist just did
      not fit them.
      And don't forget, MOTORHEAD is playing also with Maiden and Dio!!
      Jeesh! hehehe....

      Deaf forever,
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