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2759Re: To those who know

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  • catdeli
    Jun 28, 2003
      I think it's good to be kept guessing about the new AnViL songs. I
      will get it and put it on, crank it up and WHAM! right in my face.
      Yesterday morning I played the St. Anger CD. I only got through, I
      think, about 3 songs. The only reason I have been playing it is to
      sit there shaking my head and thinking, "Whaaaaat the heck?". It's
      kind of fun. I then switched to the new Anthrax and that is miles
      better all around. It's really growing on me the more I hear it.
      Danvil saw IGGY???? *drools* Damn, I love Ig and haven't seen him
      in a while. I was listening to some live Ig from last year on the way
      home in the car just now.
      Iron Maiden then? FANTASTIC!
      Iron Maiden now? FANTASTIQUE!
      Master Of Puppets? EXCELLENTE!
      St. Anger? EXTRA STINK!

      Mexicano food? Hey, Senor Lips - Drop the Chalupa!

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