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    Jun 28, 2003
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      I didn't say that I liked the new Metallica. I want to clarify that, if I poorly expressed myself . The only album that really I like has been released in 1984 (Ride the Lightning), and I am allergic to "Master of Puppet" (MASTER! MASTER! .....boring.....). I don't believe that even Metallica produced an excellent album, they could bring back any credibility. To go back in the studio to do money or to rediscover glory, I find that pitiful. Iron Maiden inspires me the same thing, and I know that is going to displease to certain members here. Why they returned exactly after so many years? When someone has really the music inside, does he or she awaits that their financial "department" is threatened before to come back?

      Lips that keeps some secrets about the songs. ..ha? This is good, we will have a great surprise! ( This is called pressure, lol ) 11 songs, this is already a lot. ... Winged Assasins! Of course that "Motormount" is a great song, but Winged....indescribable inspired.

      Dan saw Iggy Pop?? The real wild one? Wow! I've always got the same reaction when I tell people about Anvil recording and running everywhere..."Oh yeah......go at www.anvilmetal.tk and check it", it is practical most of the time.


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