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2757To those who know

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  • xcygnusxyyzx
    Jun 28, 2003
      Some people just dont get that Metallica Suck Sucked and will
      continue to suck no matter what they do. I even heard that they
      tried to make a comback on the metal scene with St. Anger
      well they did make a comeback on the metal scene. the NU-METAL scene.
      As for Anvil it seems pretty tuff for these guys to make a poor album
      considering they never lost thier flavor. Metallica lost thier flavor
      and will never be able to make a good album again. (actually never
      did in my opinion)
      On the way to IGGY POP last night on the train i met this guy who
      said that he saw Anvil @ the channel in 88. Couldnt believe that they
      are still a band. Well talk to you soon.
      hope the new album has some killer tracks.
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