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  • catdeli
    Jun 15, 2003

      Hey, I used to play in a local men's hockey league(high-scoring
      center, #8)and on the way to our games I would crank Circle Jerks in
      the car to get psyched. It worked! I can't even remember the titles
      but there were a couple I would always play, "Susan's Killing Mel"
      is that the title of one? Can't find the tape right now. That tour is
      coming here on the 21 of July. I think I got to see Rollins on a
      Lollapalooza way back. AnViL/Aerosmith tour:SAW IT! Ha! Do you ever
      listen to a freakin' GREAT Boston band, Gang Green??? Super stuff and
      The Bags from the late 80's..love their shit!!

      Ciao, baby,
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