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  • xcygnusxyyzx
    Jun 15, 2003
      well im off to see black flag tonight,
      Im gonna enjoy this a lot.
      Hey guess what lips asked if I was at
      aerosmith / anvil in 81' haha.
      I wont be able to make it to the perth show
      im sorry, im gonna go to one in august. The
      reason im not going is because on july 16th
      Circle jerks and gbh and someother bands are
      playing in new york city, so im driving down there
      then on the 19th the same show is playing in worcester massachusetts
      with circle jerks gbh murphys law, and ateam. Sorry
      but ive been a jerk for a third of my life and I cant miss
      these shows.
      Im out. adios dudes
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