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    Apr 30, 2003
      I went many times on the "Bar chez Pull" site, now called "Cactus"....and I wasn't able to see Anvil on their website. I wrote to them, telling I wouldn't make a "so long road" for a cover band..." I've heard that "Anvil" was supposed to play". I can't understand Bar's owners that hide the bands that they will present. Now, Anvil is on the front page at the Cactus (I used my mail.com, hotmail.com, yahoo.fr, yahoo.com, laposte.net, and caramail.com accounts) Am I wrong to think that on a website, the essential is supposed to be on the front page? I wrote 9 emails...before they decide to update. The Arlequin sucks, and I'll be glad to tell the owner (after that Anvil will be paid ). He's got the chance to put Anvil's logo on the front page. Hey, Anvil didn't play here since 1988! Did he believes in magic this guy? In every music instrument stores I went (or my friends went)...the guys knew Anvil, and were glad to show the poster. In every Tatoo Clinics, the guys knew Anvil, and didn't want to believe they would be back in Quebec City. Every bikers remember Anvil... But, it will be so easy to reach the ones that work in a office or whatever (they are always on Internet!), if this bright guy would show on his front page that Anvil is going to play in his bar. Look at that, he won't put a little add in the newspaper. tange

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