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2603Re: [Academy of Anvil] LEGION THe WEAK MUST DIE...

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    Apr 28, 2003
      I like bands that keep their style. I stopped to listen to prog, when Peter Gabriel quit Genesis and that Yes was playing on Radio am. Look how Genesis turned when they changed their style ("Magical touch") is a lot different from "The knife". It was a "progress" for some and a disapointment for many others. Look at the success of "Musical Box", they play in New York! I listened to the Stray Cats in the 80's, because I like "good old rock and roll", the same music that my father listened to. Buddy Holly, Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis...etc. Brian from the Stray Cats is still doing music alone, but he didn't change "the mood", or the style of his music.. it's still rock and roll, but he added a Jazz Band. It doesn't sound the same, but it's the same style. What is evolution in music? Marylin Manson with his alien's look? Newest musicians with their influences got new ideas...but most of the time you can recognize a melody that you heard before (in my case cos I'm not 20). Is there really a evolution concerning metal? Black and death metal: it sounds like Sabbath with Ozzy suffering of a throat cancer... I don't believe in New Metal. The only real metal we had, was in the 80's. After Nirvana, all has been mixed. Alternative and metal. I don't think it was a good thing . If evolution is "Creed", that makes songs only to make you cry...I prefer to stay old school! I'm retro and I will stay, cos I listen to all kind of music, and the only one I really like is heavy metal from the 80's. Anvil got influences from the 70's. It shows on SGS, we hear some melodies similar to Hurriah Heep. Sincerely, I hope the next album will be a PURE Anvil. It may sounds funny to hear a bit of Hurriah Heep on it, but when I put an Anvil's CD, I want to hear Anvil... not Hurriah Heep. I don't like to hear that with Anvil, like I don't have any interest toward the new bands that made the same (Tea Party ====> Led Zep) Go to work now! Tange :)

      wipy1999 <no_reply@yahoogroups.com> wrote:Check it out ya all www.vibrationsofdoom.com Yeh 80s metal rules and
      Rock FRom the 70s Rules Yeh LIke Anvil says OLd School that is the
      way but also we must progress cause just staying Retro is so
      POserish,,, Later Ya All,,,, WIPY....

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