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2461Hello MetalPounder!

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  • tangelaine2000 <tangelaine2000@yahoo.com>
    Feb 2, 2003
      Eh well,

      You missed my site! It had your name, ha! I should change my ID
      for "Destroyer2003". I have changing moods, that's the way I am and I
      won't change. I'm glad that you study like you do, don't you ever
      give up...

      I would be interested to have your opinion about "Still going
      Strong". To tell the truth, ("Tell The Truth" is nice for a title)
      I'm surprised that you didn't write about it.

      I'm out of titles..."Sexy And Subliminal" (???). I don't know what
      are the interests of all the Anvil's members. I know LIPS hates to
      talk about religion, hates injustices, likes weed, likes beer, loves
      to play guitar...but what about Robb? What does he like the most?
      What does he hates the most? Ivan, G5? G5 likes Wrestling....but it's
      hard to find a title for a band, when we don't know what are the
      thoughts of all the bands. Lips communicates a lot, but not the
      others. I don't know if we can base our titles on Lips's character to
      express ourselves.