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  • Eric Piccelli
    Jan 23, 2003
      Hey Lips.

      I think people tend to look for funny things in
      music, and that's why the more serious Anvil songs get

      Maybe they all see that the world is a sick, dirty
      place. And maybe they all had enough of that.

      So, instead of listening to a song like "No One to
      Follow" - which I think is one of the best lyrics you
      ever wrote -, people prefer banging their heads to
      "Show Me Your Tits".

      I get the same problem with my lyrics (I also have
      a band). The ones I think are the best, more focused,
      just get overlooked in favor of the funny rock'n'roll
      anthems I also write.

      That is to remind us that most people face music
      just as another form of entertainment, nothing more,
      nothing less.


      --- anvilips2000 <no_reply@yahoogroups.com> wrote:
      > I haven't posted anthing because quite honestly
      > there is nothing to
      > really report. There were about 50 people there at
      > the high point in
      > the night but by the time we played there might have
      > been maybe 20.
      > We played a shorter set with no encore. The band
      > Annonamus from
      > Quebec opened the night and were very tight but not
      > what I like in
      > metal. All in all it was just another typical gig in
      > North America.
      > I've been reading the last bunch of posts and I'm
      > quite disappointed
      > in the view of Anvil's so called fans and I only
      > have myself to
      > blame. For some stupid reason I expect people to
      > precieve what I do
      > the way I precieve it. This way of thinking has
      > brought forth some
      > great songs that for the most part are being ignored
      > and if not
      > ignored being critisized. I want all of you who read
      > this to know
      > that the only fan who I've ever met besides Mad Dog
      > Colin Brown (the
      > guy who drinks beer threw his nose)that precieves
      > Anvil the way I do
      > is Tange. It hasn't mattered were or who I've talked
      > to about Anvil
      > most are oblivious to what songs are the special
      > songs, to Anvil as
      > fans. Don't get me wrong I'm not saying that your
      > opinion isn't
      > worthy, I'm just saying I dissagree. Another aspect
      > that really
      > bothers me is that some people only focus on the
      > joke lyrics, and the
      > real great stuff is totally overlooked. The reason
      > the joke lyrics
      > were put there to begin with was to lighten up an
      > otherwise dark
      > dismal outlook. As examples Butterbust Jerky on the
      > same cd as Shadow
      > Zone and Winged Assasins. I hope this might help you
      > in understanding
      > me and my music a little better.

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