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2432Death Leppard

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  • √Člaine
    Jan 22, 2003
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      Did you notice that they are boring us with Def Leppard at the FM
      Stations recently. Well, I was reading a couple reviews about "Still
      going Strong". Some remarks are common to most of all the
      reviews...That Anvil took a Uriah Heep melodies (Gypsy and Easy
      Livin); that Anvil went back to their melodies from their early years.

      It's all shit, cos Def Leppard in that song (don't ask me the title)
      repeat exactly a whole riff from "Back in Black" (AC/DC), mixed with
      one of their old melody of "Rock of Ages". But.....they play it 6
      times a day, damnit!! It's a pure parody. Anvil can't do it, but
      Death Leppard can. (???)


      P.S. Tony, you deserve a lot more than a little pantie. Women are all
      blind in Thunder Bay or what???