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2329Re: [Academy of Anvil] VENOM

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  • Eric Piccelli
    Dec 12, 2002
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      Hey there.

      --- "@ T @" <tangelaine2000@...> wrote:
      > Manowar? If I don't look at them, I like some
      > songs... I don't really understand what they sing.
      > "Hail to England" is a classic to me....just for the
      > voice, lol. In fact, that's the only album I listen
      > to sometimes. To my ears, Rob Halford is great,
      > Dickinson sucks, Klaus Meine is also great....Dio
      > gets me bored after an hour, but Manowar's singer
      > got maybe the heavier metal voice I've heard in all
      > my life. He's incredible! Too bad he went with this
      > band of "Conans the barbarians". I heard him
      > recently on a live mp3, and he seems to have trouble
      > with his voice, but in he was SINGING this guy in
      > the 80's.It's not just a matter of going high with
      > his voice, but the tone he can take, the sound of
      > it. No kidding, I prefer his voice to Halford's one.
      > But, I always forget his name.

      Eric Adams. That's the guy. : )

      Imo, he's the best metal singer ever.


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