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    Dec 12, 2002
      Manowar? If I don't look at them, I like some songs... I don't really understand what they sing. "Hail to England" is a classic to me....just for the voice, lol. In fact, that's the only album I listen to sometimes. To my ears, Rob Halford is great, Dickinson sucks, Klaus Meine is also great....Dio gets me bored after an hour, but Manowar's singer got maybe the heavier metal voice I've heard in all my life. He's incredible! Too bad he went with this band of "Conans the barbarians". I heard him recently on a live mp3, and he seems to have trouble with his voice, but in he was SINGING this guy in the 80's.It's not just a matter of going high with his voice, but the tone he can take, the sound of it. No kidding, I prefer his voice to Halford's one. But, I always forget his name.
      Tange :)
      maniac@...> wrote:Hey there.

      <xcygnusxyyzx@...> wrote:
      > ps.anyone hear know what titan force sound like?

      Titan Force is a less heavy version of the old Jag
      Panzer, featuring The Tyrant on vocals. It's a good

      Btw, I like black metal. lol

      But it's not something to be taken too seriously.
      Just like Manowar.


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