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232A heavy influence.

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  • mattmitchell13
    Feb 28, 2001
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      I started listening to Anvil when I was 13
      cranking out Metal on Metal down in my basement. I always
      thought that it was so wicked that a band from T.O was
      that heavy. Shortly after I started to learn how to
      play drums and jammed with some buds from school. Over
      the years I played with different guys then I joined
      Nitemare.<br>Five years ago it happened, Nitemare opened for Anvil.
      At first I was blown away, then I thought no way, a
      band I listened to we're opening for. Since then we
      have done several shows with them and have become
      friends with more shows to come. To this day I still
      think it's wicked that bands from T.O. are so
      HEAVY.<br> Matt,<br> Nitemare.
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