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2264Réf. : Re: [Academy of Anvil] HEEP

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    Nov 23, 2002
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      Yep, it's hard to keep the spirit of a style and never copying the song. It
      s not Rush that I can't stand, it's their light on stage! I always got a
      headheache at the end. I love visual effects, but too much is like not
      enough...Sorry Cat :0) you knew it anyway. It was a chance the show was open
      air, I kept my sunglasses...Neil Peart is great for sure, but electronic
      sounds on a drums: I can't stand it. It's maybe something I have in common
      with Robb Reiner, ha? I liked Peart's solo until he began with the "bing"
      bong" "Twing" "Biiiiiiiinnnnnnnng!". I gave up.....

      Who's going to tell me the name of the album live of Uriah Heep with Easy
      Living, Gypsy, etc. on it? this album is black. I don't remember if it's a
      demon's face or a picture of UH live playing on the cover. It was a double
      album. Who remember?

      Tange :)

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      Date : Friday, November 22, 2002 09:55:34
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      Sujet : Re: [Academy of Anvil] HEEP

      Hey, Lips.

      I think you did a great job capturing the spirit
      of the old school.

      I guess the real challenge when someone tries to
      do that is to remain original. And that you did well.


      --- anvilips2000 <no_reply@yahoogroups.com> wrote:
      > I have always loved this band, I first met Lee
      > Kerslake at the
      > Monsters of Rock Festival in 82 where Heep also
      > played. All the bands
      > that played that day recieved a framed plack as a
      > memento, mine is
      > hung by the washroom, well so is Lee Kerslake's. It
      > was a very funny
      > moment after Heep's set at BYH, I had watched the
      > entire set from
      > backstage and a number of songs right behind Lee,
      > although he didn't
      > know as I was behind curtains. I was totally blown
      > away at the power
      > and sureness I saw in Lee's playing. Immediately
      > after the set I
      > waited for Lee as he came off the drum riser and
      > walked toward me. I
      > shoke his hand and introduced myself and he was
      > absolutley over joyed
      > to meet up again after almost 20 years. I was quite
      > astonished that
      > he remembered Anvil but he soon explained that
      > everytime he goes to
      > the bog(toilet)he sees the Monster of Rock plack
      > with Anvil's logo on
      > it. Of course we had a good laugh about that. G5 and
      > I spent quite a
      > while talking to Lee, and he told us so many neat
      > stories. We also
      > got to meet with Bernie, who we found out was also
      > Canadian. I hadn't
      > seen Heep with this line up as in 82 they had a
      > different singer. We
      > only briefly talked to Mick as he walked past us on
      > his way to the
      > food tent while we were having a couple of beers
      > with Bernie and a
      > couple of fellow Candians from Eidolon. Needless to
      > say it was a
      > great experience and there were many more such
      > highlights I haven't
      > even begun to mention. Being quite overwhelmed at
      > the time we stayed
      > up all night on the last night before our flight in
      > the morning, but
      > during this night I wrote the lyrics for Still Going
      > Strong, as G5
      > kept a constant flow of betees and ideas going til
      > we were shit faced
      > tired and dragged our asses into cabs to the
      > airport. On returning to
      > home we began writing more songs and being
      > overwhelmed by Heep , I
      > recycled some old Heep into some of our songs. I
      > don't think anyone
      > will mind, only the timing and feel are simular but
      > if you played one
      > song after the other you would find them very
      > different, I was trying
      > to capture the spirit of the old school sound not
      > the song.

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