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  • �laine R.
    Oct 4, 2002
      Catdeli made a mistake and sent me a review that was for the Academy.

      ANVIL - STILL GOING STRONG (A/A+) Massacre, 2002
      10 tracks, RT: 42:31
      [ http://www.anvilmetalonmetal.com ]
      [ http://www.massacre-records.com ]
      OK, it's been chronicled here before that I am friends with Lips, the
      leader of Anvil for over 20 years, BUT it's also been chronicled that
      friend or no friend, I have to be impressed with what I hear for a
      good review. Lips and I e-mailed each other about two months ago and
      he bragged "John, this is the best album I've done....maybe ever!"
      Now, Lips doesn't "brag" too often, so I was very anxious to hear
      STILL GOING STRONG. After listening to this album I kinda have to
      agree with Lips, this is one of the strongest Anvil albums ever! The
      addition of Glen-5 (Bass) and Ivan Hurd (guitar) have made Anvil a
      fiercer beast than it was before! The opening track "Race Against
      Time" sets the tone for this non-stop, kick ass disc! The one thing I
      noticed is the HUGE Sabbath tones to these songs. I mean, old,
      classic, Black Sabbath. "Race Against Time" sounds a lot like a modern
      version of "Symptom Of The Universe!!!" Also, like their last album,
      Lips hasn't gone off and written some of his crazy, double standard
      sex tunes. But he did take a shot at religion with "Holy Wood." He
      also professes a love for a certain "plant" -- "Sativa," and gives a
      brief Rock 'n' Roll history lesson with "Still Going Strong." This
      album also features an instrumental called "White Rhino" which has
      drummer Robb Reiner playing a solo in the middle of the song. Robb has
      always been one of the best METAL drummers and it's about time the
      world takes notice! Some inside info from Lips -- Robb did this solo
      in one take! OK, OK, Lips -- get your ass (and Robb, G-5 and Ivan
      Hurd) to NY for some gigs! Everybody else who wants a dose of real,
      true, kick ass M-E-T-A-L, go buy this album! 'Nuff said! - John Erigo

      So there it is. Do you know this "friend" Lips" ?? He writes in an email
      news that i get called detritus.I should write one soon, if I can get a few
      minutes to think.


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