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1902Spoony And Will Anvil Tour The Us Again or Even South America??????

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  • wipy1999
    Jul 30, 2002
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      Hi Tange thanks for that post on Spoony. Right now I am real busy
      working on the johnny Vomit tour in november with Anal
      Vomit,Mortem,Disinter,Demencia and others for info e mail John
      Hanford johnnyvomit@... or johnnyvomit@... The Dudes
      from Vomit are big Anvil fans. I also have my friend from Onslaught
      Magazine in Merida Mexico who is a big Anvil fan. More Anvil fans in
      Mexico then Peru. In Mexico Anvil,Exciter and Razor are equal in
      popularity. So Tange is in Love. Well news to you Tange and all my
      Peruvian girl is two months pregnant. I love her too but I still foll
      around a little I Need To stop that for sure Cause this girl rules.
      Wow But I hope Spoon comes back in the future. On To Anvil will they
      ever play Brazil in the future? Peru? Another tour of The US?
      Milwaukee Metalfest maybe in 2003 and the Classic Metal fest again in
      2003? What about Australia? Number 1 in the metal scene now with
      Europe. HEy I know I should post this in the Exciter Yahoo club but
      Exciter is now intensly looking for a New Singer. Look in their
      website on that posting. So Still Going Strong I guess Should be
      relased this YEAR??????????? Hey august 1st I leave with my girl for
      5 weeks to Chile,Argentina,Uruguay and Paraguay. I just came back
      with the Mortem basist from a two week trip to Bolivia. Sorry Saw no
      Anvil stuff in Bolivia but I did buy An Exciter Blood of Tyrants
      shirt in an underground metal shop in Santa Cruz Bolivia. O.K. On
      this next trip I will look for more Fans of
      Anvil,Exciter,Razor,Macabre,Trouble,Usurper and others. YEH Yeh
      signing off WIPY In LIma Peru......
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