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1866Welcome to our new member Jfn936: Indiana

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  • tangelaine2000
    Jun 29, 2002
      Welcome in the Academy and we hope you'll feel free to write about
      your favorite Anvil's songs, your comments or anything concerning
      Metal bands.

      Yes Slug, It's a big lost...The Who's bassist :( But I found it weird
      that they decided to continue the Tour and just replaced him. What
      kind of show can it gives? Will they be "energized"?

      I'm in United States right now and 2 days ago I reminded Lip's lyrics
      in the song "Waiting". I went in a drugstore and arrived at the place
      to pay. 3 persons before my turn...not so bad. But, they got the
      right to pay by check!!! The 3 women paid with a check, holy shit! At
      the third, I was showing my teeth like a dog, with saliva around my
      mouth..grrrrrrrr. At the first check I said "Well", at the second I
      thought "It's not my day" and at the third, I told myself "Stay quiet
      √Člaine, breath deeply...". Going out this drugstore, the lyrics of
      the song that I mentionned up there were sounding in my head.

      Tange :)