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1803Réf. : [Academy of Anvil] Re: July 22: Still going Strong

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  • captain2man
    May 20, 2002
      Well - you see - NOW you can't get me to shut up!!!


      Like Tony said, once Anvil starts doing stuff - so will we.

      It would be fun to get reports from the studio from Lips.

      Lips?? Hello, Lips? If you're out there...give us a studio update!

      Tony: website looks good....let's fill-up that tour dates page,
      though, OK?? Even if it's fake.......let's book a tour for Anvil
      ourselves! Wouldn't that be revolutionary??

      What was the last time the hardcore fans of a band acted as band
      booking agent???

      Tange: you mentioned Hard 'n' Heavy before.......I like that album a
      lot......I like "School Love" -- but I think those guys should play
      one of the other songs on there once in awhile. I think "Bedroom
      Game" would sound killer.

      I also think some more attention should be given to the modern-day
      Anvil....I mean, c'mon - "Smokin' Green", "Old School", "Speed of
      Sound"......there are about 30 songs to choose from on those albums -
      and those are the only 3 that turn-up. I love those songs....but I
      love a lot of the other songs on those albums, too - and would like
      hearing them once in awhile.

      I mean, if you're touring with the same line-up you record with, my
      philosophy is that you should have EVERY song you've done at your
      fingertips - ready to go at a moment's notice.....it must get boring
      for those guys to play the same exact songs every night.

      Variety is the spice of life!

      But who asked ol' Jeff the Captain anyway, right??

      What?? Am I Anvil's manager or something??

      - jeff

      --- In academyofanvil@y..., "Élaine" <prot@m...> wrote:
      > I noticed Tony that "you were not one for small talk"... :) ... and
      I know
      > that you check the board. It's just that when I'm a fan, I am for
      long (22
      > years). I just don't get some other member's attitudes, but on the
      > hand I'm sure they don't understand me neither.....so.
      > Come on! I complained only to make you post, to see if you're
      still alive,
      > to have some news holy shit!
      > Tange :)
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      > Date : 20 mai, 2002 13:44:40
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      > Sujet : [Academy of Anvil] Re: July 22: Still going Strong
      > I check this board 2 - 3 times a day. I just don't bother posting
      > unless I have something worthwhile to say. I'm not one for small
      > Once the new CD comes out in July this board will get busy again.
      > tony
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