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  • wipy1999
    Mar 18, 2002
      Hi Everyone some dude who is a friend of Exodus is talking shit about
      Anvil this pricks name is Geza The Hun..... I think his e mail is
      lizawood@... You all can check out the posts at
      www.paulbaloff.com Fuck yeh Exodus rules and so does Anvil and Fuck
      Metallicrap totally never really did like them too much anyways.....
      Slayer sucks these days too. Exodus and Anvil are way better
      musicians then Metallicrap anyways. Yeh it is summer time here in
      Lima and I am sweating now... Word is up that Manowar might play Lima
      Peru this year... Great maybe one day Anvil. Hey also for more info
      on Exodus www.exodusband.com Anyways Toronto produced more brutal
      bands then California anyways... Most of the great old school
      California bands are gone like Dark
      Angel,Desecration,Autopsy,Possesed and others..... Well I am at
      WARRRRRR With this Geza Asshole he should not attack Anvil... He
      claims to be a poser killer and no disrespect to Exodus but shit
      Anvil still dresses metal... Exodus still kills but they do dresss
      like Whiggers..... There stage appearance is Not Metal but their
      music is.... Well yeh it sucks Paul is dead... At least Lips you are
      still alive dude... Hey checked out some new soundbites on UDO and it
      rocked www.udo-online.de also the New Sodom... M-16 fucking rocks
      hell yeah,,,,,,, Later you all... I got to go Kill A Poser Named
      Geza,,,,,,,,, WIPY.....
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