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  • tangelaine2000
    Mar 3, 2002
      Guys, you forgot Lips's birthday...How can it be? I logged of the
      Academy sometimes cos it makes me mad to see how many messages I post
      in a week. In fact, I posted to myself...

      I wished my greetings to Lips on the Addicts, my computer is gone for
      3 weeks (Don't be happy!), but I can have access to other computers
      anywhere. I mean, Lips is writing lyrics for Still going Strong. I
      write too, but not songs. If I can write a half page in a day I'm
      really satisfied. Writing lyrics is not fun, I guess. It's got to go
      with the music, the word got to sounds like the lines before and the
      story got to be interesting.

      Does he need a bit of encouragement seeing his "fans" writing on the
      board a little bit, or...wishing him a Happy Birthday? I'm a bit
      strange, I write to tell nothing, my grammary is crap, but I never
      forget a friend. More when he's Anvil's guitarist!!! This band that
      gave us a wonderful show on Internet recently.

      For the x time, LIPS, I wish you a Happy birthday "kid". Don't you
      worry with that 46...I'm the only woman here and truly, you're
      handsome and sexy dude, woo! No matter your wife read that, I hope
      she appreciate your qualities! HUGS XOXO

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