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1356"From hell" from my seat...

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  • tangerine125
    Nov 1, 2001
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      I wasn't scared but very impressed by the
      Victorian period that seems so realist. I read a bit about
      theories about this killer (Jack the ripper) and the
      "unsolved mystery" that he left. But there's a lot of work
      in this movies, they really put the puzzle pieces
      together.<br><br>At the end, you think that must be "the reason why",
      cos in the history all this details can be
      associated.<br><br>It's better to see it in a theater. This way, you
      won't be tempted to rewind your video tape to see again
      the victims when they're found (Damn!)...His last
      murder is very explicite of his psychopathy and reminds
      me the feeling I had when Hannibal Lecter attacks
      the policemen from his "cage". "He's really sick that
      creep".<br><br>Be brave....and bring your wives and your
      girlfriends to the movie. For those who know a bit about Jack
      the ripper, I recommend. It's not only a thriller,
      but it respects the facts, and history.<br><br>Tange
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