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21AC logistics

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  • Howard Cohen
    Jul 18, 2001
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      I would not worry about water, if you find any on the course it is easily avoided. As for drop bags, besides this being personal preference I would select the following:

      Inspiration - optional-to drop your flashlight and clothes (..not all of them)
      Vincent Gap - To pick up an extra water bottle for the next 12 miles
      Islip Saddle - nourishment, sun screen, cold drinks
      CloudBurst -- tank up after a hot climb
      Chilao - Change of shoes, socks, more food, drinks, flashlight depending on your pace you may need flashlight earlier)
      Chantry - warmer clothes, extra water bottles, nourishment, more batteries, Caffeine
      Idlehour - nourishment, caffeine, batteries
      Finish - ahhhh

      I have only run this once and had a crew. I spent a lot of time on the course training prior to the race and had a good sense of where I needed the help. See my web page for a race report. I learned a great deal at this race. I hope to improve my time this year. I will be at the training run and trail work this weekend.

      Best of luck to you. HCC

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