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10Long Training Runs

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  • Jeff Huff
    Jun 12, 2000
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      Hi All,

      I would just like to get a sense of what other AC runners are doing
      for their long runs. Living in Hawaii there are only a few active
      Ultrarunners and it would be nice to hear what others on the mainland
      are doing. I have been, and still am running with two fine
      ultrarunners (akabill Molmen and Greg Pirkl)and our weekend routine
      puts us on the trail for 20-40 miles (4-8) each and every weekend.
      The long runs in the past have gotten us all in excellent shape, but
      one has to wonder if we are doing too much. We recover fine and are
      raring to go the next weekend. Thanks for any input.


      Jeff Huff
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